Working with Psychic Pain

From Nikola Tesla: “Psychic pain can be subtle: it may seem only a distant ache or a constant state of unsettled agitation; your psychic pain may become so familiar that you hardly notice it. Some of your psychic pain is created by the very conditions of your life and so are rather obvious: you may be the only woman in a ‘boy’s club’ work situation and have to be on guard all the time not only to keep from misinterpreting your colleague’s actions but also keep them from misinterpreting your actions to the point that you feel like a translator at the UN working under a frantic deadline: it is exhausting. Or you are in a situation where you don’t fit in: you are someone built like a linebacker or a basketball player and what you truly want to do is build model ships after a fine day doing the company bookkeeping: again, you do not ‘fit.”

“The more difficult the fit the harder it is to be at peace psychically, to the point that the psychic dissonance could ruin your health or, as is too often the case, your health is ruined by someone that finds the dissonance you represent by being the ‘wrong’ color, religion or political stance to be too much for their own unexamined sensitivities to bear. Many that seem crusty, uncompromising, difficult to please and so on are actually quite sensitive to upsets: they have a well of terror and/or pain inside of them that makes it nearly impossible for them to withstand any upsets, particularly upsets to their rigid inner structure of ‘This is right: this is the only way things can be because this is as far as they can go and still remain in my sense of my control!’

“In other words, psychic pain can hide inside of everyday issues and not be recognized for what it is.”

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