When Pain Becomes Normal

From Nikola Tesla: “Constant, unremitting, ceaseless and intransigent pain: pain that you wake up to and go to bed with, that walks beside you whatever you are doing and gives you no rest: for some people, this is their daily experience. In a health system that works to solve symptoms and not causes, drugs are given to ameliorate the pain, to mask it and drown it out. However, there are too many times when the pain returns and thus the spiral of addiction: you do something that helps a little but not enough, so you do it again and again, hoping to solve the problem.

“However, masking the problem does nothing to solve the cause. This is as true of emotional pain as physical, of spiritual pain as mental agony, which might manifest itself in OCD, the compulsions to repeat old trauma, extreme and rigid ideologies (where the mind tenses itself so that it can resist against feeling pain) and it is as true of the psychic pains of over-sensitivity, temporal uncertainty (where you keep feeling and raecting to things long past) or a constant state of overwhelm that drives you into hiding.

“Sometimes, your natural desire to understand and solve the inner cause of pain has you looking for psychic or spiritual causes of physical or emotional pain or trying to break up mental patterns and oddly enough this works often enough to be worth pursuing. If certain diseases can be brought upon you through your emotionally or psychically-driven actions, such as weight gain because of trying to heal the hole inside of your soul caused by sexual violation or cirrhosis of the liver caused by drinking the alcohol you believe you need to calm your (unexamined) anxiety, it becomes abundantly clear that a disruption in one whole system (the psyche, the emotions and the like) can cause direct effects in any other system: the physical body, the emotions the mind or anything else. “

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