“Wavicles” and Other Phenomena

From Volume One: “Because you are so used to perceiving the wave events as particles, this ghostly imprint gives the illusion of being a particle to even the “new” physicists.”

Comment from Tesla: “If the peculiar results from the “double slit” experiment, where photons create an interference pattern, were studied more closely, more aspects of the enfolded dimensions might be discerned. As has been said elsewhere, water moves fish as much as fish move through the water: the water surrounds the fish and they adapt to it by sculling their fins, yet at the same time they continually respond to currents in the water. When a reef fish darts away from a predator, or a school of fish blooms out away from that predator’s lunge, you might perceive that the water pulls them away from the shock-wave caused by the predator’s swift movement as much as they use their fins to push against the liquid.

All particles are created by the turning, liquid tetrahedrons of the Units of Consciousness (as we explain at greater length in Volume Three) that constantly change their geometric relationships to one another with such responsive fluidity that an observer’s attention is like the shock wave from a predator: it causes the Units of Consciousness to behave differently in regards to their super-fine, fluid, geometric patterns that create the illusions of particles. The Units of Consciousness are tinier than photons and are more similar to the “plasma-like” energy-field of Ether than any other particle, wave or field. But in our analogy, the sea they swim in is composed of the divine Intention of Manifestation, switching from the unmanifested to the manifested reality with even more ease than water molecules slide over one another. It is only by this dancing artistry that physical matter can be created, in the continual flow that quivers constantly on the edge of Becoming that remains responsive to conditions on the edges of Spacetime. It is this quivering, liquid-like state of the Units of Consciousness that allow reality to move, and be moved by, the “water” of consciousness.

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