Units of Consciousness

From Volume Two: “Sub-atomic particles and waves are actually almost multi-dimensional, and only loosely attached to time. They are only “big” enough to engage with time and space, but they cannot incorporate it.”

From Nikola Tesla: “As I have said elsewhere, gravity is part of what engages Time with physical reality. Gravity, like magic, is a multi-dimensional “slope,” though Magic relates to physical reality more as a field in the sense that it is the area in which shift occurs, whereas Gravity is more a force: related to the dimension of Identity, Gravity imposes action upon structure directly, whereas Magic helps focus consciousness within structure. The difference has to do with the nature of the Units of Consciousness, as first described by Jane Robert’s channeled entity Seth. “Smaller” than quarks, the Units of Consciousness are points of Divine focus that allow the translation of the Divine Intention from the Timeless, non-physical realms into Time and Physicality.

“As we say in Volume Three, the Units of Consciousness relate to one another, and that relationship creates space and relativity simultaneously. You might also consider them as catalytic “switches:” rather like a blood cell will capture oxygen and then release it, the Units of Consciousness “capture” the Divine Intention release it into form by relating to each other, particularly with the structures of tetrahedrons. Because tetrahedrons are able to combine in a great many ways, these shapes are the precursors of all forms. They form “strings” of intentional energy that are able to fold one in upon another, coiling, wrapping, extending and weaving through one another in infinite varieties of combinations of three, six and nine. They also allow the twelve dimensions that we have described as the most mathematically factor-able dimensions in a universe with infinite dimensions. They are at once a “substance” even more refined than Ether, and are essential for creating form.”


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