Trusting Your Creativity

From Nikola Tesla: “As has been pointed out elsewhere, everything practical that you use every day, from can-openers to cars, were once imagined by someone. More than for creating beautiful and artistic things, imagination not only gives scope to your human experience, it gives scope for Divine Inspiration and Intention. As in the Sufi quote, “The Gardener of this world knows which plants to rear and which plants to remove,” there is true divine Attention and Intention behind the shifts of the Ages, including the colors of Time that allow some inventions to be possible, while keeping others from being realized, in order that the process of human growth and becoming proceed in a balanced fashion, without anything becoming too distorted. Granted, distortions occur: there have been monstrous Human creations, and wholesale disasters throughout the universe, much less only this planet. Yet, through it all, the balance is maintained in an ecology of creation and creative impulses.

“Though, there are times when the balance must right itself through a sudden change or shock: because of its enfolded creativity balance is always dynamic and rarely static. As has been said elsewhere, ‘Yesterday’s revelations may become tomorrow’s prisons,’ change must always occur. And for many, that factor of change is part of why creativity is not trusted. How can you trust something that appears continually unstable, that changes at a moment’s notice without any apparent forces or factors acting upon it, just switching things around on a whim, out of the blue? How can you trust anything that gives you five different answers to three different questions?’

“You can trust it because creativity’s nature is especially responsive to the Divine Impulse for growth and expansion in Love and certainly the Wisdom of the Divine Love can certainly be trusted, because that Love cares for what is created as much as it cares for Its Self.”

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