Trials and Challenges

From Nikola Tesla: “There are times when your life is disrupted by astonishing, grave, or entirely unexpected events, and there is generally a time of shock where the human energies of your mind, feelings, and even your body are suspended into a timeless pause. If the disruption is an unexpected joy, your energy surges forward again, reaching into the new experience. If the incident or action is something frightening, distressing or even dangerous, your human energies pull back and shut down,  This does not seem to be adaptive. If a gazelle is being hunted by a cheetah, the best response is to put everything into running, yes? And even if the cheetah were able to come up to the gazelle and knock it down, certainly just lying there in shock would do nothing good. 

And yet: sometimes lying there without moving is the best thing to do. If the cheetah or any other predator sees the animal still, it is easy for the hunter, spending all its attention on breathing after the run, to imagine that the prey is already dead. In that case, the hunter’s attention is diverted into its own concerns, and the prey has a chance of running again, and by grace or luck can catch the predator unaware, and slip out of its grasp. This does not work all the time, but works often enough for it to be a lesson put into the genetic patters that govern instinct.

So the nest time you are put into a place of being forced to make a difficult choice, or when faced with some onslaught that seems inescapable, consider holding yourself poised in Timelessness for a moment. Consider the value of playing possum and deceiving the predator, or the one that seeks to foist his will upon you. Yes, it is best to run when you can and fight when you can, but if you are chased down to a wall and there is no way out, keep in mind the power of the unexpected.”


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