Training Intelligent Light

From Nikola Tesla: “Human beings are very practical: when they see something new, they investigate it to see if they can get benefit from it.  Can you eat it, use it, make other things with it? Is it something you can learn from or that you have to learn to avoid? Do you need new tools or methods in order to deal with this new thing? This is not only the scientific method, it is the method of an engineer: discover what this thing is, how it works, how it can be used and what you can learn from it.

And so it is with intelligent light: light is already used in storage devices and communications and in a very real sense you have trained light to do these things. Spiritual healers, visionaries and masters of blessing have also trained light, in addition to having light train them: it responds to their willful intentions regarding healing and blessings, flights of insight and spirit communications: communicating with spirit while in human form certainly demands though, thus electrochemical and quantum electromagnetic frequencies which are indeed forms of light. 

Generally, photons are not affected by magnetism though they are affected by gravity, but there is another force of nature not often discussed: consciousness, particularly conscious intention, and this certainly affects the aspects mentioned above. Yet to engage light enough to communicate your intentions to it, you need to refine, not only your mind or consciousness, but your entire being: your mind, emotions, focus, psychic perceptions and spiritual station.  At present, light is being trained through electromagnetic patterning and physical conduits, but to communicate with and instruct light without devices demands that, in a sense, you become a device to guide light, receiving information from it, giving information to it and becoming a photon wave-guide. 

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