Toxic Psychic Pain

From Nikola Tesla: “Everyone knows someone, whether from family, workplace or friends, that feels that he has been so hurt, so traumatized or, at least he has only convinced himself¬† that he is so hurt and traumatized, that he spreads his pain out liberally onto all and sundry, with no thought to whom he impacts upon. He makes everything and everyone else wrong for whatever happens because it is never his fault that there is always, always something to complain about. Such a person can be traumatic just to be around; such a person can, as it has been put, cut you to ribbons verbally, psychically and/or emotionally and then complain that you are bleeding on his expensive new carpet.

“There are both more and less subtle examples of this attitude. Some are mild enough on the face of it that it can be seen as, “Oh, Uncle John is just flying off the handle again,” or, “When she’s finished blaming everyone else and gets it out of her system, she’ll come around.” But the thing to notice here is that, for whatever reason, and with whatever methods have been evolved in the family, workplace or other situations that allow you to deal with the person with comparatively little damage, the point, that this person is injuring others psychically, must be addressed.

“If you are scarred enough psychically, you shut down. This not only robs you of your natural suppleness with which you might pursue your intuitive perceptions, artistic impulses or moments of inspiration, when you are shut down psychically the divine Intelligence cannot engage with your human experience and, by this, the Divine Being’s experience of itself is made less. In addition, when your psychic and emotional scars keep you from expanding into or within the realms you were meant to experience, you become less.”¬†

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