Toxic Magic

From Volume Two: “All toxic magic must be counter-balanced by higher-order energies, for only the deeper, enfolded realms of the Zero dimension, the Dimension of Identity and Para-light can break the poison of that deeply twisted magic… The power and peace needed to re-create Magi”s original purity is in the field-energy of Para-light.”

Comment from Tesla: “You cannot counter toxic magic in the realm in which it operates, any more than you can solve a child’s argument by becoming childish. Indeed, if you were to descend into the child’s name-calling, tantrums or acting out, you would know you have already lost: they have pulled you down into a state so similar to their own that you can no longer act with grace, wisdom, intelligence or even parental authority. Similarly, if you try to meet toxic magic on its own level and by using its tactics, you may win several battles, and win them well, but the war may have overrun you completely before you realize it.

“If you are not being immediately attacked in the moment, as sometimes happens,  the first way to counterbalance toxic magic is to center into all the places where the Zero dimension touch your inner dimension of Identity: your truest, realest self that resonates with the perfect stillness of Para-sound and Para-light. Instead of diverting your energy towards the source or the instigator of the toxicity: clarify and crystallize the truest, innermost version of your self that you are able to discern. You may spend extra time in your Core Tone; you may deliberately do something that you truly enjoy, particularly if it is something creative, removing all extraneous thoughts of that toxicity until you feel the touch of the Divine Regard: that moment when you know that you are known, and you catch a glimpse of the One that knows you. From this vantage point, discern what your own inner magic tells you is the natural counter to the toxic magic. Is it a song, a prayer, an affirmation or a shout of joy? Could in be a memory, a glimpse of an alternate future, or even seeing that the practitioner of that toxic magic is after all just a scared little boy, or a deeply hurt little girl and needs nothing more or less than pure healing? The answer will be within, and not on the field of the toxic magician. 

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