Time and the Inter-dimensional Lattice

From Volume Two: “As we stated above, time itself is not energy, but an interrelation of direction and timing. The timing demands a point of balance between two opposing states of energy, and the direction is the angle that engages with the enfolded dimensions.”

Comment from Tesla: “Time is a latticework upon which all energies, processes, particles and waves, units of consciousness and dimensional arrays are placed. Those quantum particles, quasi-physical energies like the psychic function enabled through Para-sound and light’s photons are, in metaphor, similar to the parts of a gauzy curtain hung on the lattice that are unsupported: they relate directly to time in that they are part of the curtain, the hologram of reality’s expression, but the steadily shifting shapes of the units of consciousness are what retain the unfolded structures. Timing is generated automatically by space-time because of that same unfolded relativistic interrelation that the units of consciousness’ tetrahedrons create, and the two opposing states of energy are the enfolded dimensions’ translation into the unfolded 4-D physical reality. The point of balance is accomplished through the Torsion Field of Translation: it controls the flicker between enfolded and unfolded, between particle and wave, between being and becoming, thus providing the angels of relationship through a kind of “polarization.” So in a very real sense Time may be considered a series of interactions between the enfolded and unfolded dimensions that retain an overall forward direction because of the way the units of consciousness’ tetrahedrons combine with one another: their internal geometries create the sine waves that electrons traverse when they “go” between dimensions.”

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