Time and Consciousness

From Volume Two: “In these [twilight] states [of consciousness], time is flowing in both directions at once, and is allied with neither direction, but is suspended between the two. In other words, it is a state similar to cold fusion, and could be simply described as pure magic or Grace, where it does not take high energy to create more energy.”

Comment from Tesla: “In this way meditations and dreams represent both states of temporal semi-conduction and reveals consciousness’s points of origin in both the enfolded an unfolded dimensions. Consciousness is able to overleap time in specific, though still somewhat limited ways at present: near-death experiences, imagination, reveries and meditations, and states of hypnosis that include past-life recall. Your present conscious limits regarding time are in part because you have not been trained in either meditation or out-of-time recall since an early age, and thus your brain has lost the fine translation structures necessary, much as a child that is not taught certain aspects of a language when young enough will not be able to speak them properly later. Yes, physical time does progress at a fixed rate, but your consciousness can weave and interweave itself through its experience of time and Time as well, and can approach the hidden energies and structures within your own personal connection to Time with those dancing shifts. You can pull out added energy in limited amounts from the areas of semi-conductive contact between Time and consciousness. At least you certainly may learn how to balance your conscious energy with temporal energies so that you can even re-pattern your physical relationship to time. That this occurs frequently in meditation, channeling, creative inspiration, and dreaming should be no surprise.”

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