The Zero Dimension and the One Divine Source

From Volume One: “Time and space perceive themselves with themselves in you all.”

Comment from Tesla: “Poetically put, you are all the eyes, ears, minds and hearts of the One Divine Source as it expresses itself in the precious specificity of being, and this specificity is crucial. The Source is the One Essential Unique Self that can only perceive its true nature by fragmenting itself within its own uniqueness, and then remaining simultaneously omnipresent and specific. To perceive itself it needs to retain its own sense of identity, least it become lost in its own expression, and this was accomplished with the paradoxes of the Zero dimension, that is simultaneously huge and tiny, enfolded and unfolded, the one that is all and the all that is one, and the each. In this sense, because the divine Being can never lose itself, it can never lose you, its own expression. Nor can you ever lose the divine Core.

Time and space were created in order for the Zero dimension to straddle both its own infinities and its own paradoxes. The Core, the center of the Source, created the impossible structures upon which reality grows, like corals on a sunken ship’s mast: deeper even than the dimension of Primordial Chaos, this inner structure is nothing less than the Intention of Love. It is both that structure and that Love that allows everything to remain part of the original essence of that Source: in this sense, the true “substance” or reality never changes, nor can it be changed.

However, as some crystals are more translucent than others, certain expressions of that essential Source through consciousness contain, or reflect, more of that Source than others. These are the special people, teachers, beings, and “lenses” through which the divine perceives itself: where time and space have focused themselves into something that is transparent to consciousness, so that the Source can seen and be seen.

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