The Subconscious Mind

From Nikola Tesla: “The subconscious mind is an interface and functions like an electrical transformer, stepping down the higher-level, enfolded information from the Timeless/Spaceless Source. It is also a holding area for information and experiences in unfolded Reality: as Jung has said, it holds both the dark shadow of socially unacceptable urges as well as the light shadow of the true magnificence of the inner Self. The subconscious helps you to decode your dreams, although, if you do not bother to decode your subconscious, there will be little result.

“Decoding your subconscious can be done through many methods, though the foremost of these would be simply paying attention, whether in the sense of watching for those things that you keep on doing again and again or those words or phrases you keep repeating. It can perhaps be helpful to record yourself, put the recording away and listen to it in a few months to see whether or not you have changed anything. If you are stuck: if you get weary of hearing the same old story coming out of your own mouth, then it is time to look deeper by whatever method works best for you: tracking your dreams, keeping a journal or simply writing each phrase down and listing each repetitive action, and under the statement ask yourself through the medium of writing, “Why?”

“I do grant that this will seem a mental exercise that seems less than effective since your subconscious often contains many raw, undigested, heavy emotions that you have not been able to feel or understand. However, your subconscious knows your limitations as well as, or better than, you do. It knows that it is difficult if not impossible to change something when you and your subconscious are working at cross-purposes: when either you are not ready, when some part of you is doing its best to keep you safe even though it does not understand that you and your needs have changed.

“In short, the subconscious is a rich area of discovery and needs time, care and a spirit of adventure.”

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