The Subconscious, Continued

From Nikola Tesla: “Your subconscious, in your present level of development, is often a ‘junk drawer;” some place where everything that doesn’t quite fit with everything else is put away, collected, though sometimes with little plan or conscious thought. Your subconscious automatically stores, often unencoded or examined, a huge amount of mental, emotional and psychic data; the unconscious works with the spiritual and physical aspects of your human existence generally: it is your unconscious that had the original template for your life, your past-life memories and the emotional, psychic, mental and spiritual imprints of your ancestors within your DNA, In short, you have a pyramid, with the conscious mind at the top but holding the smallest amount of data, the subconscious holding sometimes exponentially more and the unconscious holding exponentially more than that.

“However, three things connect the subconscious to the conscious and help to make the data in the subconscious more comprehensible and relations between the two forms of mind more effective: emotions, intentions (which might be called desires) and, yes, dreams, by which I mean altered states of consciousness that are achieved naturally, whether in REM dreaming, meditation or hypnosis. As I have said elsewhere, dreams reconnect you with the enfolded, multi-dimensional aspects of Realty and of your human self. However, as the conscious mind is so dependent upon the causes-and-effects, sequential progressions and ‘forward’ motions that Time creates specifically, its comprehension of the multi-dimensional aspects is limited by the very factors for which the conscious mind was created and which at the same time it is meant to decode through a particular set of focused parameters.

“Dreams in the sense above, as well as desires, take the particularly fine focus that the conscious mind enables and uses those points of focus to create very personalize arrays of experiences and actions within your human identity. In other words, Heaven is built from your conscious experiences almost unilaterally and this is why the experience of being a conscious human is so valuable.”

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