The Subconscious, Conclusion

From Nikola Tesla: “You can work best with your subconscious if you befriend it. This does not only mean to stop thinking of it as alien, strange, unpredictable or even dangerous: it means, instead, to approach it as you would any other person that has been, perhaps, badly treated and even frightened in the past. Such a person would need careful consideration, certainly: you would have to be calm and quiet near such a person, perhaps, or at least you would do your best to give him only kind and gentle regard. You would not judge that person harshly; you would not treat him with distrust automatically; you would not make unreasonable demands upon him; you would not blame him for your own mistakes. In short, you would earn your friendship with him, action by action, word by word.

“This is the best way to approach the subconscious if you wish to make it an ally. It would return kindness for kindness, certainly but in addition, your subconscious could become a valued if not essential colleague in the way you live your life, offering you intuition, creativity, fuller memories, hunches, warnings, dreams, visions and the wisdom you have gathered over time which it has been keeping and guarding for you.

“There are many ways to ask the subconscious to help you, though you must remember that its main language is through pictures and its second language in words. The saying that ‘You’ll see it when you believe it” is very true for the subconscious; however, the subconscious is the keeper of your beliefs. If you decide to change your beliefs and thus your reality, the subconscious is the keeper of those beliefs; if you want something new in your life that has not been there before because of those beliefs, your subconscious, understanding the effects of those beliefs, will help you change them. In this, as in many other things, your subconscious can be as fine an ally as a good, well-trained animal though, as it is your human subconscious, it remains as human as you.”

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