The Space within Time

From Nikola Tesla: “It obviously takes Time to move through and within Space: one of the earliest algebraic equations is D=RT, after all: you know that moving something takes time, and you can measure it quite accurately. It takes a shift of mind to perceive the way solid form itself uses time, though you can certainly consider, say, your hand and realize that the blood is always moving, the cells are constantly shifting, all using Time to do so. Indeed, if you are conversant with the idea of seeing form itself as specific arrays of standing waves of energy, the notion of Time being an aspect of Space becomes easier to comprehend.  

“But to feel the Space within Time, to perceive it more than an intellectual exercise, may allow you to shift how things relate to Time: your body’s own cells, processes and the interactions between systems. Again, this is part of why meditation, deep creativity, channeling higher-order energies such as healing or communicating with high-energy spirits has the effects it does: when you are meditating you are not thinking, you are not feeling in the sense of being emotional but you are feeling in the sense of becoming part of the divine proprioception: you again become one of the conscious, living points of connection between the different sides of Time: the temporal and the timeless. 

“In some respects, you are the God or Goddess of all of your body’s cells, processes and systems: your body informs you of its state of being within Space and Time both. And, like a divine Being that is beyond Time and Space, you can be aware of how Time and Space relate to your body, and how you relate to it within Space and Time. This seems so automatic that the astonishing part is overlooked: that you are aware of your body’s beingness, in deep self-reference you use it (as in the brain) to perceive it, and its relationship to the different aspects of Time.”  

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