The Origins of Thought

From Volume Two: “Since thought has its origin in the dimension of Identity, thought’s M-D geometries naturally slip outside of the perceptible.”

Comment from Tesla: “Technically, like everything else, thought’s true origin is in the Zero dimension, but its first appearance towards manifestation is indeed the dimension of Identity. In this way it automatically retains its higher-dimensional aspects into 4-D physicality, and is simultaneously enfolded and unfolded. Again I grant you that nearly all things are, but the point I was trying to make clear is that thoughts impress themselves onto reality dynamically because they retain a higher degree of leverage from their M-D source. Were I paying more attention to my own processes, I could easily have seen that the visions of my inventions were coming from an “outside” source, an area of higher energy gradient, even though that source might merely have been my deeper self, and I might have more readily guessed that the unseen creates what is seen.”

Comment from Francesca: ”I think that modern physics is on the right track, but for a while it seemed to me that they were like some American Indian tribes that lived near the Great Lakes. They said that the lakes created the wind by rippling their surfaces, instead of the wind rippling the lake, so that the ripples in physical reality that you and I feel are caused by consciousness are said to be created by physical atoms, forces, and fields instead. However, in science’s defense, I take a page from Feynman: someone was telling him how stupid people in the past must have been, thinking the sun went around the earth, when ‘everybody knows’ that the earth goes around the sun. Feynman asked, ‘I wonder how it would look if the sun really did go around the earth?’ And besides, our minds can be sneaky, making the moon look bigger when it’s near the horizon, no matter how much we know otherwise.”

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