The Nature of Information

Volume Two: “Indeed, a clue to finding these [enfolded M-D] geometries is semi-conducted dimensional geometries of any kind that open 4-D physical reality to higher-order structures of information. Hence, such a thing as cyberspace from semi-conducting silicon chips.”

Comment from Tesla: “In a humorous aside, I will remind everyone that information is invisible, inaudible, and imperceptible without the necessary tools needed to perceive it; similarly, angels are invisible, inaudible, and imperceptible without the necessary tools to perceive them, from a spiritual mind to divine intervention. I do not say that angels are information any more than I say information is angelic, but as many of you already know, information is not, strictly speaking, physical. Even books need to be read, and though the physical form of the book is said to contain information, only those who have the training to do so may interpret it. In this sense, both angels and information touch physical reality at a slant: their main import is not contained in particles, fields, or waves, and instead acts upon them. Physical reality in general has been tuned to perceiving the fluctuating energy state of information itself, from the little eye-spots of one-celled animals that differentiate light from dark, to the telepathic perceptions of human mediums. All forms of communication of course, change, contain and convey information, and all information has some degree of intention behind or within it. Divine information has the highest-energy structure because it has the most significant intentions, or the greatest degree of slope in terms of energy differential. When a physical being has attuned itself enough to perceive the ultra-fine energies and higher-energy gradients of divine intention, the information has much more impact. But as one definition of free will is to refuse information, divine intention itself must change, shift, and re-configure its own M-D points of contact. Hence, the human ability to ignore angels…”

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