The Messages and Lessons of Pain

From Nikola Tesla: “Each of your experiential bodies feels its own kind of pain. Emotional pain can be sharp and hard, even sharper than many forms of physical pain, and can often last for a lifetime. It seems strange to talk about mental pain: isn’t the mind, rather like the brain, unable to feel pain in itself? Perhaps there is some truth to this, but you can certainly have the mental pain of frustration: if you are recovering from a stroke or brain injury, or if you have some form of congenital birth issue that causes your brain to operate very differently from the norm, you definitely feel pain in the forms of frustration, the ache of loss or lack, the grief of being unable to act, communicate or express.

“Almost everyone is familiar with emotional pain, but too many try and avoid it as though it were physical pain. As I said earlier, it is wise, and promoted by your own DNA, to pull away from physical pain in order to lessen the damage: that is indeed the message of physical pain: run or fight the thing that is causing you the physical harm so that you may live.

“However, running away from emotional pain is very unwise: unlike physical pain, which is limited by the very nature of your physical body (too much damage kills you), emotional pain as said above can last for a lifetime, and can be as crippling as any physical injury, and perhaps more. When you are feeling physical pain, you may lash out at someone helping you, but when the pain goes away you can apologize. However, not only does the emotional pain last longer, it does not have the same capacity to strike out: emotional pain will try to heal itself by lashing out, but lashing out or harming another to drive the emotional pain away does nothing to heal your emotional pain.”

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