The Conscious Mind

From Nikola Tesla: “The conscious mind, according to recent physicists recently, is aware of perhaps ten percent of the true nature of reality, and from my present vantage point I would tend to agree. I have already mentioned studies that show how easily distracted this mind can be: if you attention is too focused on an action in front of you, peripheral things may be seen yet they are not perceived: stage magicians depend upon this constantly in using misdirection. There are those who have skill with hypnosis who can help you recall what was not seen and yet, at the same time, the very semi-conducting state of hypnosis can allow confusion between the conscious, subconscious and unconscious to the point that fantasies may be implanted which are then perceived as real. 

“I have also spoken of the “strobe-light” flicker fusion of the conscious mind so that sine-wave-like functions are perceived as episodic and episodic functions are perceived as waves and flows of simple actions, fields and forces. The multi-dimensional nature of Reality also clouds the conscious mind’s perceptions as anyone who notices or engages directly with the strange, off-side aspects of dreams, psychic perception and channeling, to say nothing of hypnosis, ‘recreational’ and other drugs or even strokes, which are capable of astonishing effects, from granting someone with a sudden ability to play piano or an English accent.

“The true point I am trying to make here is that the conscious mind is strangely ephemeral and fragile: it is not the natural state of humanity in a very real way, for Heaven is your natural home. However: as you understand more and more about yourselves, your own minds, your own ability and function to be a bridge between the many enfolded and unfolded dimensions, the conscious mind will change itself to include more of perception\. As has been said elsewhere, ‘The subconscious mind will become part of the conscious mind, and the unconscious mind will become as accessible as the subconscious.'” 

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