The Complex Roots of Pain

From Nikola Tesla: “The sympathetic harmonies between the body and the mind have only been imperfectly understood, and it is a far more complex subject than might seem at first. One of the issues is how the mind/consciousness can ignore pain because of chemical additives such as alcohol, much less those medications specifically designed to mask pain. However, hypnosis can also be used to divert the sensation of pain, and when that hypnotic session uncovers pain’s original roots, the effects can seem miraculous: the multi-dimensional messages from the mind/soul/consciousness can remove the very reason why the pain exists and thus the pain drops away directly.

“Others have discussed the inner hierarchy of your makeup as a human being: the spiritual, mental, psychic emotional and physical bodies interweaving one another in an elegant structure of communication. Physical issues might be dreamed about, for instance, using the mental, emotional and psychic bodies perceptive abilities to uncover the needed information. There are many examples, anecdotal and otherwise, of how your feelings can affect your body and how your thoughts can affect your feelings: this is so obvious as to not deserve mention. However, the main thing I wish to present is at least some understanding of how complex the relationships between physical pain and the issues or causes in the other bodies might be.

“Granted, if you have been in an accident and you have broken a bone, the reason for the pain is clear. However, the roots can be complex. In the spirit, the injury might be the result of Karmic debt; in the mind, a moment’s inattention or perhaps unclear thinking caused the accident; in the emotional body anything from a feeling of self-pity to unexamined rage might have caused that moment or inattention, or your psychic perceptions might conceivably have been overwhelmed by some sudden input, perception or even a psychic attack. In this sense at least cause an effect can be incredibly complex. And so it can be with pain.”

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