The Colors of Time

From Nikola Tesla: “As I have discussed elsewhere, there are colors of Time that limit what things are discovered, perceived, and revealed. Time is responsive to human development and human need as much as it is responsive to the shifts and flow within the incredible tapestries of the magnetic, gravitational, Etheric and photonic aspects of the galaxy. It is these last that help Time not only receive information from physical Reality but also infuse that reality with refreshed information: an intelligent, ongoing and incredibly responsive dynamic system of awareness and action. From the human standpoint this can feel both tragic and frustrating, as it was when the fire destroyed my laboratory and my papers, or when lack of funds and support halted my forward progress.

“But I have come to understand that human beings are very much a part of this temporal matrix that allows certain possibilities and frustrates others. Much as I was often frustrated in my own work because I was only able to present a portion of what I saw, or hoped to see, other human actions are thwarted if they were to upset the balance too much. As has been said elsewhere, if the atomic bomb had been created in the time of the Crusades, the world would be a burned-out husk now, as both sides would have said, ‘Kill them all! The God/Allah sort them out!’ So I was limited in what I could offer and present by the continual drag of Time Itself. 

For Time, being as aspect of God, is indeed part of that Divine Intelligence. And this is why I am so pleased to be working with the channeled material in my soon to be three books: I have been able to catch up and trace any of a number of stray thoughts and loose ends, from my wonder at how the human mind and spirituality might alter Reality to other issues I could not pursue such as aspects of gravity, magnetism, light and even human psychology, for surely I needed more understanding there in my life.  It is a priceless thing to be able to finally be able to say some few of the things I wished I could have said.”

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