Stretching your Perceptions Part Two

From Nikola Tesla: “It may seem odd that I, who so loved playing with electricity, magnetism and radio waves through technology, might suggest that human beings could become more by perceiving mere, but that is my attitude now and was in my later life: technology is useful but limited, though the human being can be creative enough to overleap his limits thought training, the grace of unusual direct experience and by spiritual accomplishment. Technology is a tool but it can become a crutch, and even my beloved alternating current can fail given troubles with the infrastructure that provides it. And granted, the human body/mind can fail under specific circumstances as well, yet I do now believe that the course to pursue is to become more human, not less, because in the end that will have better results.

“There have been several, from time to time, that have spoken of melding the human and the robot, or “downloading” a human mind into a computer; these things may indeed be done but what is the cost? There are, strictly speaking, cyborgs already, whether evolved through medical necessity or because of examined lusts for war; certainly a blind person or an amputee can treasure the new carbon-steel legs or the embedded chip in his brain, yes. Generally, these things do not alter the human being in terms of perception: although there may be many methods of using technology to add to senses that already exist, only rarely can such things augment the finer perceptions: the senses of spirit, wonder, joy, compassion or awareness of the divine presence. And if those things were to be discovered: a guaranteed way of being aware of joy, wonder, divine presence and such that guaranteed compassion, spiritual perception, and the like, you would still be limited and defined by the technology.

“So, a question to ask is: can you know how spiritually evolved the creators of such technology might be?”

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