Stretching Your Perceptions Part Three

From Nikola Tesla: “Technology might be approached in a spiritual way: Prayer and trusting to the free actions of Spirit can bring astonishing results, though at present such things are too anecdotal and apocryphal to merit any ‘pure’ scientific investigation. Certainly, spiritual people use technology frequently with lesser or greater degrees of reluctance. But is there, or could there ever be, a truly spiritual technology? And if so, what would be its use?

“I confess I am teasing you to a degree if I do not define the word ‘spiritual’ and so I will do so: a spiritual human being is not only one that has the concept of God, of a Being greater than he but one that has experienced the Divine directly: he has expanded his conscious awareness to include data from outside of the experiences of his senses and the limits of his mind, for though the mind might ask questions about spirituality and attempt to analyze, codify or discern its laws, the mind cannot grasp the spiritual experience: only the experience itself can impart the information that is beyond mental perception. NDE’s, moments of great trauma or great joy, are not sourced in the mind: they happen to the mind.

“There have actually been some brain-studies that have tried to mimic NDE’s to some degree by means of technological triggers, and this has caused many to believe that NDE’s are pure mental fakery of one kind or another. But you need to avoid the logical fallacy: ‘If I can make this happen this way, then that is necessarily the only way this could have been done.’ Certainly, you might use cranes to lift the stones for the pyramids but to imagine cranes were used in ancient Egypt is absurd. Certainly, you can use various technologies, drugs or stimulate hypoxia to evoke NDE-like experiences, but it is obvious and clear that NDE’s occurred long before the technology existed.”

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