Stretching your Perceptions, Part One

From Nikola Tesla: “Generally speaking, your mind operates on only one type of focus: the immediate present, though you rarely perceive more than a fraction of what is actually in front of you, much less things and energies for which you have no senses: you are washed in many different types of light and other waves, from radio to gamma rays, magnetism to sounds that are inaudible to you. Indeed, if you think about it, you will realize that you are perceiving Reality through such a narrow window that you realize y9ou are missing a tremendous amount of information. You don’t have the sonic abilities of bats or dolphins, so you need technology to look into someone else’s body; you can’t see radiation,, smell airborne poisons, hear the grating of the stones beneath you that mean there will be an earthquake and you can’t see into the infrared, which means you’re blind in the dark, so you can put yourself into risk without knowing it. These are the human limits; these limits were chosen a long, long time ago. Your minds and bodies had to choose: is seeing color more important or seeing in the dark? If you ignore gamma rays, will that be good enough to keep you alive? So your body itself has already chosen how much reality you can see!

“Of course you use tools to make up for the lack when you can, from microscopes to telescopes, from radios to magnetometers and they are often of great value. However, the human race as a whole is coming to a new point of decision: how much will you want to perceive as part of the human template? There are so many possibilities: psychic perceptions; telepathy; sensing magnetism; ‘hearing’ low or high frequency sounds by training yourself to ‘hear’ the octaves of those sounds hidden within the sounds you already hear through studying the overtone harmonics of those sounds. The advantage of this kind of training is that, you stop being limited by technology. Electricity is wonderful and technology is useful, but when you open up your ‘higher registers’ of perception, you can bring them with you everywhere.”

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