Stepping Between the Levels of Reality

From Nikola Tesla: “Zeno’s Dichotomy Paradox, that describes all motion as a series of half-steps, i.e., that before you can go 100 feet you must go 50; before that 25, before that 12 1/2 feet, and so on: in other words, in a very real sense the very process of motion itself is infinite and thus functionally impossible, or at the very least motion is an illusion. This makes perfect sense in a quantum universe, where particles (electrons and  photons) do not actually ‘move’ at all but rather flicker in and out of manifestation by sliding in and out of Timespace. This is certainly true as regards your own human consciousness, the mental processes of perception and experience work through the mind’s “flicker fusion” that discerns stepped processes to be continuous; this mental bias is so profound that we perceive motion even when we know that no ‘motion’ actually occurs, as with the ‘flow’ of marquee lights or the individual cells of a movie film.

“This issue regarding ‘flicker fusion’ is highly important, and the differences between other aspects of reality, such as the realms of discarnates and ghosts or the true reality of the Elvenkind or even other imperceptible and yet still physical worlds, is determined in part by the different fusion rates. The plasticity of the human mind can indeed perceive more than one fusion rate: this is what allows clairvoyance and other psychic perceptions, and it is interesting that such psychic abilities do seem to be genetically linked, as in ‘My grandmother had the Sight and so do I.’ The mind can be trained to perceive alternate fusion rates, which is part of the point of meditation, out it can experience altered rates through other entrainment, such as drug use, brain damage, physical, emotional, mental or emotional shock or, definitely and more beneficially, through Grace.”

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