Stem Cells and Semi-Conducting Time

From Volume Two: “For [creating renewed and renewing of stem cells without stem cells themselves], we need semi-conducting versions of time.”

Comment from Tesla: “Semi-conducting Time is similar to the waver of reality in Schrödinger’s thought-experiment with the cat, or as likely the way the mind loses track of itself as it is heading towards sleep: Time can lose its grip on you, and you upon it, so that what seems a moment can be nearly an hour, and what seems and hour can be only a few moments. Although it may be infinitely arguable that in that case you are merely dealing with the mind’s own confusion, there is a real, though alas as yet immeasurable flutter in reality, similar to the quantum mechanics that describe similar confusions with cause-and-effect sequences. This is in fact how the psychic field that allows premonitions, the psychic re-view of past events or the notifications of present, but distant, events: when the psychically sensitive mind is stilled enough, parts of the mind slide free of Time, and the desired “unofficial” information can be perceived. Similar to seeing the headlights of cars following you with a rear-view mirror tipped in order to change the angle of reflection from direct to indirect, if you pay attention you can see other reflections on that mirror as well, especially if there is some light in the car. Granted, this example is only meant as metaphor: diverting your attention to the other cars around you while driving is foolish at least and fatal at worst. But the point I want to make here is that the mirror has both surfaces coexisting in it, and it takes a shift of attention to see the indirect reflection that is always there.”

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