Stem Cells and Anentropy

Volume Two: “If it were not for these Source-entangled structures, no stem-cell seeds would exist.”

Comment from Tesla: “This of course speaks directly to the fact that stem cells in particular are anentropic. Not anti-entropic: they are affected by entropy to one degree of another in the ways they change. However, they can be considered as little bubbles of un-time: metaphorically speaking, but units of consciousness that form them have been strung into a string that has one end in the Zero dimension, and the other in physical reality so that they actually bypass the dimension of Identity as much as possible. As consciousness is the core of everything in physical reality, units of consciousness form all things, but their M-D arrangements can be quite different in terms of their geometries and how those geometries relate to the dimension of Identity. For the Divine Core, the Source in the Zero dimension, the dimension of Identity is the lens through which it can perceive itself. The nature of that Source is as incomprehensible as para-light, the light that has no vibration, but as it uses physical reality: time, duration, space and finitude to comprehend itself, it leaves little connections into its own nature everywhere, and methods of ‘tying itself back to itself:’ stem cells, the enfolded functions of number and chaos, and human consciousness. You might say that the dimensions of Primordial Chaos, the Zero dimension, and the dimension of Identity depict the Face of God: the Infinite Becoming-ness that knows itself intimately and yet surprises itself eternally. It is this very aspect of surprise that is expressed in the stem cells themselves.”

Comment from Francesca: “The Zero dimension is in everything and of everything, and its premiere expression of itself is consciousness. When we start looking at cells as aggregates of degrees and architectures of awareness, healing might be understood in a much deeper way.”

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