Spiritual Coherence and Grace

From Volume Two: “Coherence’s carrier wave enables angelic healing, miracles, and disease remissions. But the signal and its carrier wave are only one part of healing: the interactive coherence and dissonance of any living system is the other.”

Comment from Tesla: “Another way to look at coherence is para-sound resonance and harmony. Any human being’s exalted state of spiritual ecstasy occurs because of these harmonies, and the experience of revelation, both in the prophetic sense of receiving direct information and in the sense of enlightenment, the total experience of conscious unity, of experiencing the total All in All. But as well as the spiritual body, the physical, mental, emotional and psychic bodies also need to be harmonized, and this can be intricate indeed. The mind, with its conscious, subconscious and unconscious, to say nothing of the actually differing brain-structures such as the brain-stem, the hypothalamus and cerebral cortex can be layered into a bewildering array of currents and cross-currents of information, intention, needs, desires and patterns. Rather as though you had 350 people drumming different rhythms simultaneously and hoping that the rhythms would cohere into one solid burst of sound as everyone’s hand touched the drum at the same time. Meditation helps with this a tremendous amount, of course, and particularly meditation that engages a solid sense of love. However, most human beings cannot comprehend the complexity those layers create, and this is where the leverage, and perception, from the higher dimensions through Grace is vital. Sourced in the divine perception, Grace alone creates a simultaneously broad and accurate viewpoint from which to shift the complex chaos into coherence. Those great spiritual masters that are able to perceive the world through and within Grace are able to command harmony itself: thus miraculous healing by saints.”

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