Soul Pain

From Nikola Tesla: “It seems absurd to talk about soul pain: after all, the human soul is that very fragment of the Divine Being that knows no harm, yes? What could harm the soul, after all? Demons, perhaps, or God’s own disdain?

“Generally, though, there are no demons save those which the mind has created, whether in this world or the next. If you enter Heaven with the conviction that demons exist and than you must surely be tormented by them then this is very likely to happen, unless perhaps loving prayers remind you that the God is the Source of Love and Love is the Source of God. Besides: I am speaking of how your soul pain affects your daily life. So again: what kind of thing might cause the soul pain?

“Soul wounds are created when you face an impossible situation, such as having to decide which child to sacrifice in a disaster or a war, or being told by your own divine guidance to kill everyone in your village when you do not, and cannot know, that they will surely die in the next morning in any event because the hordes of Genghis Khan are going to come in and slaughter everyone living anyway. If you had gathered the courage to follow the divine inspiration, the horde would have found such a mystery that it would have turned away from the track it was taking and thus save countless more lives. Even though the demand was almost too heavy to bear in the first place, the wound you might receive from knowing that you betrayed your own guidance and so many lost their lives gouges in the pain, twisting the knife of guilt and shame so deeply that the soul is, indeed wounded.

“A life of continual frustration; a life where you are continually put down and relegated to Untouchable status; a life where you are constantly being asked to do more than you can and excoriated whenever you fail, even a little: these are all examples of lives that can create soul wounds and thus true soul pain.”

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