Soul Pain: Conclusion

From Nikola Tesla: “In your human existence, apparent chance can create harm or joy, fear or security. It may seem untoward that so many bad things happen to good people and so many bad of evil people seem to escape the consequences of their harm, hatred, abuse or viciousness. Granted, if you believe in or have even experienced those moments of life-review where your life is played out in living detail, you will perhaps have a feeling, if not an understanding for sure, that everything you do will be returned to you in those moments if not in other lives. The original meaning of Karma was ’cause and effect’ rather than punishment and it is the same with the afterlife: you will be shown the consequences of what you have done and will feel them one by one.

“However, your failings, wrongs, acts of unkindness or cruelty will not be fuel for God’s fires: they will be fuel for the own fires of your remorse. To see the huge impact of just one act of kindness or one act of cruelty is an astonishing thing, because you will not only be shown the immediate effects but the far ramifications of those effects. One action can affect millions.

“However, rather than fear to do anything wrong, you can trust in three things: first, that it is always you who sets up your lives and your lessons in those lives: the Divine Being is neither vindictive or hating but is rather continually astonished by and through love and joy. Second, you and your soul are allowed to grow at its own pace: there is no demand that you must learn what you cannot learn. Third, all the wounds, hurts, harms, losses, voids, gaps and loveless places will be healed, completely, and given Grace, completely.

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