Slowing Time, Widening space

From Nikola Tesla: “I have already shared a practice for making time seem to go more slowly: become aware of the space you are in, whether you are traveling, walking, sitting or whatever you like. The more you pay attention to space, the more your mind will become more aware of the time that passes around you and within you. Focusing upon a specific object in space will also shift time, as many have found in meditation: you can either feel time slow, or you can forget it altogether. You would imagine that the obverse would be true, that the more you paid attention to time, how long something was taking, or how much time you have before beginning something, the more you would be aware of space, but it is not so: when you are aware of time specifically, space itself collapses more and more until you barely notice it.

“But making space feel more broad, more open or less confining, as in a cluttered office, a small hotel room, is harder to do. The reason is you must necessarily be more aware of, and have a different relationship to, physical objects in space because you must always relate to them within your sense of self: where you are, what you are doing, what other things are doing, and what your intentions are. You can find good ways of ignoring space through distraction, whether reading a book or watching a DVD; you can also forget about space when you are engaged in creative flow of any kind, whether it be painting or cooking, though there will be times when y our elbow will still knock on the cabinet. You can increase the distraction by closing your eyes of course, and the you can imagine the widest space possible.

“However,one way of increasing your sense of space is to consider the cells in your body. As I have said before, you are the minor god of your body: you are the universe of their galaxies of living process: when you feel that, you feel their sense of space, for to the several trillion cells from which your body is made, you are vast, and from that perspective, the far corner of your tiny cubicle is almost another universe, if not an alternate reality. But one of the most reliable ways of increasing your sense of space is to imagine yourself as less solid in the first place: imagine you are as dense as cotton candy, perhaps, and you will suddenly feel more space around and within you.”

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