Shifting Matter into Non-Temporal States

From Volume Two: “And, as consciousness can be engaged with such dis-temporal effects, so also matter can be shifted, briefly, into non-temporal states.”

Comment from Tesla: “This happens in miraculous healing all the time, as when a man who had an extra-terrestrial encounter that had part of his leg bone replaced, to other examples of NDE healing, but minute shifts into timelessness for mater and consciousness alike are more common than supposed. I’ve mentioned before that prayer, meditation, and creative flow all encourage re-connections and re-configurations with Timelessness, as in the Zero Dimension, but there are also moments of timelessness in dreams and in Delta sleep. This is one of the reasons why those who cannot achieve deep sleep for whatever reason suffer so: they have been denied the precious moments of non-temporal and dis-temporal effects that the body needs in order to function well. If someone with poor sleep were able to meditate, the situation would be ameliorated, and lifetimes of intense, flowing creativity, such as even my own, also get the non-temporal refreshments needed, sometimes to such a degree that the non-temporal lattices are engaged simultaneously with the waking state. This is consciousness affecting matter directly, albeit they are the same essential ‘substance:’ the fact that this effect can be intentionally encouraged is worthy of pursuit.” Comment from Francesca: “Non-temporal aspects could certainly lead into non-spatial aspects as well; I am thinking of UFOs, and how they seem to disappear instantly, of move with such incredible speed, to say nothing of the ‘lost time’ of abductees. I know the classic equation is d=r x t. but I wonder whether the time factor can be shifted, as in d = r x t2, or something, where the shift in time allows the shift in the physical parameters. Impossible to prove or grasp at this time, but wonderful to speculate about. It may be that the UFOs and similar things are using haloclines of time, i.e., already existing structures within time/space, and they don’t have to do anything special at all.”

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