Semi-conductive states and super-information:

From Volume Two: “In both eggs and sperm cells there is a “semi-conducting” angle in the inter-dimensional geometry. For this conversation, semi-conduction is a quasi-state, created by two chaotic fringes of different kind fluctuating as they relate, and creating thereby a kind of super-informational state.”

Comment from Tesla: “Primordial Chaos is an enfolded dimension that has its own semi-conducting geometries with 4-D physicality, and is as much an expression of the Divine Intention as is the dimension of Identity, which is the source of Order. It is the internal structure of these three divine aspects that provides the leverage needed to unfold the basic four dimensions of physicality in such a fashion that the unbelievable amount of energy in the divine Self does not overwhelm those unfolded dimensions, and yet allows those unfolded dimensions to retain their connections to the divinity. Rather like capillaries, or the giraffe’s ‘wonder net’ in its brain that allows it to bend its head down safely even though its blood pressure is high enough to reach up its tall neck, the three internal aspects of Divinity act almost like baffles, stepping down a brilliant light’s intensity. And it is not surprising that these internal baffles are expressed in countless 4-D forms, from the fringes of the Fallopian tubes to the M-D translation functions of the pineal gland, and the very action of pulse: the rise, peak, fall, nadir and rise of countless energies and systems. Indeed, Life may itself be considered one of those baffles, because Life engages with consciousness in a similarly offset, semi-conducting fashion. The very process of growth paradoxically has a tremendous amount of “baffling” energy to it (and yes, I know what I said). Growth is actually quite chaotic in several respects, and shows it is out of balance with excessive growths of all kinds, as in cancer, tumors or extra fingers and toes. Healing can be seen as a constant balancing act between chaos and order, using the offset connections to regulate the amount of power pouring into the 4-D manifestation from the Core Source, and judiciously allowing more or less energy into the system. And for this, you need offset semi-conducting angles in order to step the energy down, transforming it.

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