Psychic Pain

From Nikola Tesla: “Psychic pain might seem to be an odd idea, perhaps as illusive, unexpected or inexplicable as the psychic function, if indeed the psychic ability exists in the first place. It does not help, either, that psychic pain often masts itself as something else: as depression, rage, frustration and perhaps even as a mild psychosis when such a mental malady is not present. You can feel psychic pain as a result of other people’s actions, yes, yet you more often feel psychic pain as a result of anotherĀ  person’s energy and the disharmony between you, whether that disharmony is emotional, mental or psychic.

“Most people are entirely aware of how psychic they are, much less of their psychic impact: the amount of ‘space’ they take up in a room, the drain they may create upon other people’s optimism, patience, compassion or helpful attitudes. Too many are quite unconscious of this drain: they themselves have been told that the psychic does not exist. And so, as it isĀ  with toxic magic, the unhealed, unbalanced or even predatory impulses in the sub- and unconscious minds operate freely, if quite blindly, because that person’s conscious mind refuses any data concerning those actions.

“The term, ‘psychic vampire’ is current in may New Age circles, and it is perhaps more accurate than you might think: like the true vampire bat, oftentimes the psychic vampire is starving for psychic ‘food’ that he or she cannot find any other way than to creep in slowly, make a tiny bite into your psychic awareness and/or abilities, add some sort of pain-killer much as the bat has in its saliva so that your psychic energy can be leached away, drop by drop.

“The causes of this kind of psychic hunger are legion: poor parenting, early family training, being predated upon by someone else or even a highly conflicted astrological chart, to say nothing of various past lives dragging on all the parts of that person that need to be solved in the here and now but cannot be.”

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