Psychic Pain, Continued

From Nikola Tesla: “Your human psyche and thus the psychic abilities is a necessary part of your perception of your Reality, both personal and global. Your psychic body “sees” energy and that sight might lead to intuitive promptings: that this person coming towards you is an enemy or a friend, someone you can trust or someone you should avoid. Sometimes, in a crowd, you feel drawn to a particular person and later you find you have known each other in numerous past lives or that this person has the one piece of information you need to accomplish something important.

“This perception can also make you feel uncomfortable in certain stores, restaurants or other places of business, not only because, perhaps, the food is actually of very poor quality but also because this particular establishment might treat its workers unkindly on a regular basis, over-using them and extorting them into difficult positions. This particular establishment might appear to be “Earth Friendly’ or appear to welcome customers yet in truth one store might be run by a corporation that has no qualms about using literal slaves in far-away countries or the other store might only be interested in how much they might steal from you with hidden costs, unexpected fees and so on.

“Your psychic perception can save your life and at the same time it can open you up to all manner of pain: others’ losses, longings or perhaps their undigested angst. “Mass hysteria” is often a result of overwhelming psychic data that comes in too rapidly, forcefully or suddenly for you to process; on the obverse, blessing and good feeling held strongly enough can diffuse a mob. In many cases the psychic impact of all of these things create little pain, though sometimes either fear or relief. However, there are aspects of culture that cause chronic pain: a caste system’s automatic disenfranchisement of some into narrow, soul-deadening roles; a series of broken promises created by hypocrisy; demands that you conform to a rigid definition of who you are.”


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