Psychic Pain, Continued

From Nikola Tesla: “Psychic pain ids real, certainly: it is even part of what registers on the changes in the random-number generators: this reaction is not simply a conscious ‘flare’ of focused attention, it is also the shared psychic pain experiences. This psychic pain may lead to several reactions, though: one of them is most certainly compassion, if not only sympathy. However, such psychic pain might also drive those already over-sensitized to shut down even further so that they become anesthetized. The difficulty with this anesthesia is that, not only does it paradoxically allow even more psychic harm to be experienced by the originally traumatized person in the sense that trauma becomes normalized, the trauma increases its effects by sending out waves of psychic influence. These waves may alter a whole culture and sometimes with astonishing rapidity: there are examples of a psychically traumatized culture deteriorating within two generations. Indeed, some cultures were built upon psychic trauma, as evidenced by the Aztecs and other cultures centered around human sacrifice, brutal wars sweeping across nations again and again, or even cruelty to animals like bear baiting and bullfighting.

“The amount of psychic pain generated by culturally accepted wars, brutality, domestic abuse and abuses by those in power are added to the psychic pain of losing a loved one, having to make impossible choices that have been dictated by Draconian cultural dictates is staggering and, indeed, have made Humanity stagger from one trauma to another, from one egregious form of abuse to another with a seemingly intractable sense of inevitability to the point that this blind, chaotic state of perpetual psychic pain is simply called ‘human nature.’

“However, psychic pain can be healed instead of endured; it can be exalted instead of becoming a cultures center of gravity. Some of this healing is done, of course, by psychic beings: angels and discarnates, gods and goddesses, spirits of healing, compassion and wisdom. But when you take the task and the craft of your psychic healing into your own hands, you can change the world.”

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