Psychic Pain, Continued

From Nikola Tesla: “Some of you are distressed about yourselves because you feel you are ‘too sensitive:’ you cry at movies even though you know what the story is setting you up for an emotional reaction. You need so much time to recover from just watching the news that you hardly watch it at all, waiting to hear it from someone else or perhaps reading only the comics in the newspaper: they at least, seem to have some humor in them, if not true joy. But perhaps some of your friends scoff at you, saying you have no tolerance for “real reality:” you’re not tough enough to live the world or perhaps even that you’re not caring enough to make a real difference where it counts. You’re not out there in the fray; you’re not pulling yourself together enough to make a real difference: you’re too sensitive, too sentimental.

“In most cases, however, you are particularly sensitive to psychic pain. You may have been raised under brutal privation; you may have been raised by utterly negligent parents or you may have had some heavy, costly experience when young, before you had means and methods to cope with the deep levels of psychic shock. In these and other cases you are over-sensitized: your psychic perceptions were so overloaded that they remained in a hyper-excited state. They hyper-sensitivity can become balanced with care, work and healing, certainly. But there will always be a certain fragility or instability in your psychic body and its perceptions so that a tiny blow, one more tiny burden, can cause you to explode, implode or shatter. 

“This fragility and tendency to over-react is not weakness. Rather, it is partly the result of the Frozen Time that Shock creates and partly the result of reaching into your own multidimensional being for the energy you need to overcome the abuse, bullying or harm, so that you have a chance of living with some sanity and balance. In short, you have opened up your psychic body to the higher-level ‘registers’ of multidimensionality too soon, before you had the spiritual grounding needed.”

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