Psychic Pain, Conclusion

From Nikola Tesla: “Psychic pain, however wearing, can be offset, remedied and even totally healed, either in increments or all at once. Incremental healing may be found by going out in nature, spending time with a beloved pet; listening to music that you enjoy or engaging in a creative pursuit that replenishes your sense of joy. There are numerous meditations, breathing exercises, spiritual practices and even uplifting experiences, from going to a church, seeing a heart-warming movie or hearing a story of courage, grace or forgiveness which can all comfort and refresh your weary psychic body.

“Strangely enough, some healing of your psychic body can occur when you have had an overwhelming experience: a sudden shock or fright as when you almost lose control of your car but arrive safely; a time when you put your own life temporarily in danger for the sake of another; a time when you finally understand the deep difficulties of someone else’s trials and pain. In these instances, the chock or strain removes you slightly from your current focus upon 4-D Reality, drawing your out, however briefly: that is in part why meditation also works to ease psychic strain.

“However, there are things which strain your psychic body that you can avoid simply because you understand yourself. If you are an extrovert and need people around you in order to feel at home in your own skin, then choose the people you are with carefully. If you are in introvert and you need peace, do whatever you can to secure it, even to taking unusual steps.

“But in order to keep your psychic body safe and in good repair, the main thing that you need to avoid is losing your hold on your psychic body through using drugs that impose their own psychic influences upon you: alcohol, nicotine, all of the opioids, even marijuana. You can use these drugs, surely: just remain aware of how they affect you, and stop when you have made your psychic body too permeable to outside influences.”

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