Primordial Chaos and Atom-Smashing

From Volume One: “This distortion “lays” that wave-shape down into the areas of perception, the strobe lights of timespace.”

Comment from Tesla: This is obviously a more dynamic understanding of how the enfolded and unfolded dimensions work together, particularly through the dimension of Primordial Chaos that is as omnipresent in its own way as the Zero dimension. Hidden in everything, this dimension not only keeps the tremendous potentials and possibilities within 4-D reality refreshed and accessible, it also regulates the flow by its very fermentation, creating the same dynamic stasis that is seen in ecologies of microbes, systems of living creatures, the cells of a body, and even the shifting arrangements of stars. Of course, Primordial Chaos is also the way that the infinite can express itself as fully as it can within the finite. If this link between the infinite possibilities and the dynamic stasis were more remembered and explored, this might bring both a sharper sense of the immediacy of the incalculable creativity within every confluence of energy-structures called particles, and all ordering frameworks of consciousness called fields, and all impossible states of being such as time and motion.

In other words, when the physical universe is perceived as an active interplay of enfolded and unfolded multi-dimensional geometries revealed through the structures of conscious fields, then many new possibilities open up, including understanding the nature and interactions of particles themselves. That electrons are actually expressions of energy has long been understood, though because of the comprehensive agreement between our perceptions and the divine intention, we see and interact with them and the whole forms they seem to create as though they were as solid as you feel your selves to be. Nevertheless, when an atom is “smashed,” this does open up a tiny edge of Primordial Chaos’ enfolded dimension, and manifests the scattered remnants of quarks and the like that are seen in the bubble chambers. These “wave fragments” retain their consistent form precisely because of the natural leveling, or dynamic stasis and flow, at the point of the infinite/finite interchange.

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