Preparing for Spiritual Technology

From Nikola Tesla: “The term ‘spiritual technology’ must certainly seem an oxymoron at least as unusual as the term ‘religious science,’ ‘the science of religion’ or ‘scientific dogma:’ technology is rarely invented by ‘spiritual’ or ‘religious’ people in modern times. This division was emphasized particularly n the Age of Enlightenment of the 1700’s though also earlier, in response to what was felt as cruel and unnecessary dominance and domination by the standard churches that appeared to stymie all independent thought. Granted that this does seem to be the specific action of numerous institutions in any event, the Church was more obvious a target than some.

“There are those in current times that wish to push computer technology up to and past human limits, in the somewhat dim understanding that technology is somehow inherently better than human beings, but as I said before, although the human being may be augmented through technology to a degree, as in medical applications that replace limbs or senses, there is a line that should not be crossed, and attempting to cross that line leads inevitably to a dead end, This dead end is reached in part because science still limits its viewpoint to physical reality generally, discounting what cannot be proved by the scientific method and disdaining those data that evolve in unscientific situations.

“The true delimiter, however, is that no one yet understands the multi–dimensional geometries, especially those of the dimension of Identity, that would, if seen, show how wildly separate the human being is from the technological ‘being’ of a computer-generated ‘mind’ or self. But the delightful paradox is that, when human beings reach more into their spiritual selves and their inner realities, then they will not only be able to do everything that technology allows them to do currently, they would also see why and where technology reaches the end of its usefulness altogether. Technology is like training wheels: if you can only ride the bicycle with them on, you are not truly riding the bicycle.” 

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