Perfection: Part One

“Be ye perfect, even as your Father in Heaven is perfect” has been the psych9logical bane of many a life.For one thing, it flies in the face of logic. For many, God, as the Ruler of the Universe, the Disposer of All Things, is seldom perfect in human terms: He runs late when answering prayers, He demands too much of people even though they are already strained and tired, He never reveals His intentions even though such revelation would be extremely helpful, and furthermore, He allows wars, atrocities, heinous actions, misery and injustice piled upon injustice. This certainly is not perfect service to humankind! This certainly suggests that He may think Himself perfect, but from the human standpoint, He is either too busy, too self-absorbed, or just plain mean. And if this is perfection, then does this not give everyone a right to act in the same way? Putting aside the logical fallacy that “two wrongs make a right,”  logic demands some kind of answer, least the human mind disdain any connection with this apparently capricious, vengeful, perhaps even insane excuse for a Ruler of the World.

Some of this fury at Divine arbitrariness can be eased if you look into the wider view, and consider the Divine Being in the guise of an Emergency Room Physician:  He takes care of the ones that need the most help first, moving on to the one who is less hurt when He has time, but this cancels the sense of Divine Omnipotence. In this regard, human beings are much better at taking care of things: certainly, a great many ER doctors save lives again and again. If you take an even wider view, and imagine that there are connections between the conflicting desires of the living and of Life that lead to unfathomable consequences if they are acted upon at Human demands, you might begin to understand that His perfection does its best to encompass all living things at once, But this still leaves the human mind and emotions unsatisfied at least, and tempted to reject God altogether.  (To be continued.)

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