From Nikola Tesla: “Patience for many people mostly means fretting, Fretting that you must be waiting, fretting that you have to do something to keep yourself amused while you are waiting, fretting that the future has not arrived, and fretting why none of the great and powerful beings that run the universe (forgetting you are one of them) aren’t making things happen when you are ready for them to happen. Surely, if the universe is paying any attention to you then it will certainly have what you want when you want it. Surely, if there is a good God, or at least the power of human will. you don’t have to wait longer than you wish.

“But waiting in this way, exercising ver5ious kinds of fretting, is not being present in the moment, nor is it listening to your intuition. One of the mean reasons why you do not listen to your intuition is that you are not fully aware of where your impulses come from: from the needs of your body, the needs of your human ego, your limited sense of yourself, or from the divine, inspiring impulse that allows you to slide into place in Timespace elegantly, sensing the inner currents with as much skill as an eagle senses the tiny changes in the air it flies within. The eagle does not know Time: it knows the present circumstances. It depends upon its own vision, its own memories of past hunts, and knows when the conditions are right to act.

“Especially in this Aquarian Age, that uses the power of fixed air, the deeper way to be patient is to be still. The eagle, soaring, only flaps its wings when needed: it does not pull itself forward into the sky in the hopes that doing this will allow it to catch its prey. And that stillness is what allows it to see, and then seize, the moment it needs to catch the prey. It its wings are moving, its vision is interrupted. So also, if you allow yourself to become agitated by fretting, you may miss your chance after all.”

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