From Nikola Tesla: As my esteemed colleague Rachel Carson told me, pain is meant as information primarily: advice concerning damage, strain or wounds, as well as unmet needs, overwhelming emotional shocks or the cost of change, as in grief. That would make more sense if pain didn’t hurt so much! Pure information could be acted upon sensibly. But pain that is too great to bear, or has become systemic and intractable, such as nerve pain from any of a number of diseases, or any emotional agony that drives someone to act from its blind, overwhelming engagement such that pain becomes fear or terror, rage or vicious actions, seems counter-productive at best or insane at worst, seems to make little sense.

“Granted, there are some animals that seem to tolerate tremendous levels of pain; this is partly because in herd groups especially, the weak and injured are seen as a liability and are generally driven from the herd or killed outright. Yet human beings, especially modern human beings, seem to feel pain more keenly, so much so that many see animals’ stoicism as proof they do not feel pain at all. And in your modern world, as there are a great number of less direct causes of pain: anxiety concerning potentially unfavorable futures, a change in status or your emotional environment engineered by those that appear to control those futures and so on.

“Your human body will take these anxieties and will respond to them as though to actual threats to its life, often creating very physical consequences in terms of illnesses, weakening your whole human self. Surely something has gone awry! Surely there is some kind of dysfunctional noise in the system such that the original information is lost in the carrier signals’ roar of agony! And when your body or your emotional self starts to consider pain as normal, as the natural state, surely things have gone too far.”

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