Pain in the Spirit and Soul

From Nikola Tesla: “As we were talking of emotional pain, the thing to remember is to experience the emotional pain rather than run from it for that is the way the emotional pain can be healed. Your culture does you a great disservice if it tells you: “Be a man! Stop sniveling!” or, “Stop being a Little Miss Crybaby!” these old messages last for decades, in part because they were given to you before your conscious mind was adroit enough to understand how limited they were. Emotional pain, if not faced, can act like a black hole, warping everything around it and eventually eating you alive.

“Spiritual pain, the pain in the soul, is somewhat like emotional pain in that it needs to be confronted in order to be healed. However, the pain of your spirit, which we will define as your source of inspiration, courage, wonder and awe, joy and often your creativity, seems subtle at first, perhaps too subtle to fathom. However, an ache in your spirit can also weigh you down: if your inspiration, creativity and sense of wonders are constantly put down, belittled or, worse yet, used by another for his own purposes, this ache can render your days gray and meaningless or written in shapes of agony and worse than meaningless: the spirit’s pain leads directly to hopeless and despair, for it is also caused by those.

The soul’s pain can manifest in astonishingly paradoxical ways: it could lead to a series of lives that are all one type: frustrating and useless or self-destructive and damaging; the soul’s pain can develop life after life of self-sacrifice with little healing to follow: these are the lives of someone who gives and gives until he or she is empty. Oddly enough, you can heal your soul by using your mind, through your emotions to re-energize your spirit: in short, to see that weight of the past patterns and use your mind to clear them emotionally and release them within the power of your own spirit.

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