Organelles Outside of Time

From Volume Two: “This kind of shift [outside of time] would allow the organelles within normal cells to function much as they do with single-celled organisms: creating the renewed and renewing effects of stem cells without stem cells themselves.”

Comment from Tesla: “But in point of fact non-temporal healing is much more rapid than physical stem cells could possible achieve because in such healing the matter in question, the damaged areas in that body, are leveraged outside of time, shifted, and re-engaged, usually quite seamlessly, in their new pattern. In any animal cells, the mitochondria in particular are the pivot points of this leverage because of the mitochondria’s specific connections to Time: the mitochondria regulate both cell growth and cell death. Though nearly every eukaryotic cell has them to provide ATP as well as the temporal functions, all single-celled entities, plant, animal, or spore, have organelle-like structures that serve the same function although through different means. We and others have noted before that the human pineal gland provides direct links to the enfolded dimensions, but of course the mitochondria and similar organelles are also linked; this is what allows and engages all forms of non-physically-based healing: psychic, angelic, mental as with guided imagery; and direct divine action, as with spontaneous healing through Grace. It is this link to the enfolded dimensions, however minute, that allows mitochondria in both single-celled animals and more complex animal forms to function as stem cells: briefly cleared of any pattern in a “Brownian motion” of fluttering between the unfolded and enfolded states of matter, Ether is used as a Torsion Field to link the mitochondrial “instruction set” to a more stable, higher-energy pattern. Thus the organelle’s refreshed pattern changes the cell. Indeed, stem cells themselves also work through this leverage outside of Time, and resulting form an understandably very stable Etheric pattern from the enfolded dimensions.

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