On the Nature of Particles

From Volume Twelve: “When a particle is hit by another particle, the so-called “atom smashing,” the functions of chaos are excited enough by the energy used that they distort the sinusoidal shape of the particle’s pan-dimensional wave.”

Comment from Tesla: “This is very important, and if thought upon at length would do much to explain the ‘particle zoo.’ As though atom smashing disturbed reflections on the ‘surface’ of reality, more and more energy added to the flying particles in the LHC or similar devices will impact the sinusoidal vibrations of form directly, and distort the ‘reflections’ to such a degree that reality’s invisible framework can be perceived. This seems to be a way of re-stating the original intention of the LHC: to shatter particles at such a deep level that the original state of particle-ness itself is perceived.

But there is a difference: much as light can act like a particle or a wave, the parts of atoms that are used in atom-smashing are actually compressed interference patterns. These are capable to altering and even distorting the chaotic structure that creates the waveforms in the first place. In analogy, it is like using a house to tear itself down: by distorting the doorframe, you can use the door you have freed to smash the windows, put holes in the sheetrock, and pry open other things, including other doors. You do learn a great deal about the structure of the house, but it is easier and far more elegant to understand the nature of the house by using it instead.

Within the analogy, living in the house and getting to know its various rooms works rather better, and the way to do this has already been shown to you, in everything from Einstein’s thought-experiments to the focused consciousness of the yogi, fakir, or spiritual master. The Source has created us in order to perceive it’s own Self; to the degree we can attune our consciousnesses to its nature, we can perceive that nature directly, because we and it are part of each other.

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