Non-uniform Expressions of Matter

From Volume Two: “Much as the scattering of matter creates the galactic groups and the ‘bubbles’ of galactic formations, the enfolded dimensions themselves are not uniformly expressed.”

Comment from Tesla: “Your physical reality has been arranged much as an amorphous metal, with a non-crystalline structure from the quick cooling by expansion of the enfolded geometries into physicality. Acting as an aggregate alloy with a semi-fluid structure, physical reality is the strongest “alloy” that can express the infinities of alternate realities. Minute differences in the degrees of manifestation, regulated by the sine-wave “flutter” of photons and electrons and balanced within the dimension of Identity, allow for amazing stability as well as continual re-arrangements through relativity, the interplay of fields and forces, and conscious choice.”

Comment from Francesca: “This non-uniformity of the enfolded geometries’ manifestation allows both new formations and unexpected, creative combinations. And strangely enough, it seems to me that it allows for infinity as well. Like a snake eating its own tail, the Divine Central Self invents itself within itself within the eternity and infinity that is its own composition, and because that composition is amorphous with differing ‘sizes’ of manifested points of divine focus, it can re-make and renew itself constantly. Much as the different-sized molecules in amorphous metal slide over, around, and within each other and retain their unity, the enfolded realities and the unfolded realities retain the divine unity even in manifestation.”

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