Non-linear Time Part Two

From Nikola Tesla: “You most often fold time through four different methods: in your meditation, by engaging intuition, in dreams and by receiving higher-order data from a Higher-dimensional Source, whether your own Higher Self or from the Core of the Divine, in spontaneous flashes of insight.

“When the meditation is deep enough it becomes the Dreamtime: seeing Time and its aspects as shapes of action and rhythms of Reality’s expression, you relate to Time in a more global fashion, literally. As I described earlier, much as you would find yourself on a different time on Earth if you traveled from France to Indonesia in an instant and then went on to Argentina, you have less difficulty pulling in Time from the past, the broader present, or the future simultaneously. When your intuition is deep enough, which generally happens when you learn to trust it consistently so that it acts consistently in your reality, you will find the present answering to, and creating, a future that is not yet present.

“The deeper form of dreaming is often lucid dreaming, whether consciously created and focused or through spontaneous Grace: These are dreams that are so vivid, so graciously significant, that they can be remembered through your whole life. Many of these are prophetic, because they are folding time when they touch your sleeping consciousness. In dreams like these you perceive Time’s folded shape directly and give yourself a significant image or images to remember for later.

“Spontaneous initiations, the deep changes of your own state of mind and essential attitudes towards your reality, fold Time in the sense that they remove you from one pattered sequence of Time into another, so that everything is the same but it is different. Your mother-in-law will be the same, generally, when you shift your perceptions of her, but obviously your relationship to her will be different with the new understanding created by the sudden spiritual insight. The reason is that often you change your relationship to Time by, not so much folding it as you folding yourself out of the way of the previous sequences. This is a subtle point and will be discussed next week.”

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