Non-linear Time Part One

From Nikola Tesla: “You are often quite convinced that time is linear: it’s always going forward, the same direction, at the same rate and in the same way, yes? The seconds move forward, all the same: there are never any seconds that are longer than others, or that go faster than others. Clocks don’t hurry or slow; when it’s 11:04 AM it doesn’t suddenly become 11:17 AM, or 9:00 PM, right?

“Not from your usual viewpoint of Time, no. But if you were to see Time in relationship to the sphere of the planet, then you could dip into 11:04AM and then 11:17 and then 9:00PM, because all of those times exist simultaneously, If you could approach Time the same way you might approach the planet, you could go from summer to winter, spring to fall, just by choosing where you decided to be on the world. This is physical space, after all: you don’t think it strange that the planet has all these times in it at once. However, perhaps you should notice how odd that really is. Time moves forward at a fixed rate, correct? Then how can different places be in different times? “Well,” you may say, “it’s because clocks are artificial to begin with, and the clocks show the local time. Time itself can’t change.” 

“I would say, “Don’t be too sure that Time cannot change. In point of fact, Time actually folds in an upon itself all the while. And it is not just human reverie that re-creates how Time is expressed: it is not simply because of the confusion of your mind that Time seems to slow when you are bored, or appears to speed up when you’re having fun. Time relates to physical matter quite directly, and you are certainly largely made of physical matter. You create local areas of changed time constantly, because you want to command your own future. You often do something now that will only matter three years later. How do you do that? By folding Time.”

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